Sand Dollar Needlepoint Pillow

$179.99 USD
Stuffer Option

Our Sand dollar needlepoint pillow is made with hand-stitched needlepoint (100 stitches per square inch). The sand dollar is any of the invertebrate marine animals of the order Clypeastroida (class Echinoidea, phylum Echinodermata) that has a flat, disk-shaped body. They are close relatives of sea urchins and heart urchins. The sand dollar is particularly well adapted for burrowing in sandy substrates. Very small spines used for digging and crawling cover the entire surface of its body and are appressed backwards toward the posterior. The mouth is located in the center of the body’s underside.

All pillows come with a poly insert. Down Stuffers are available as a luxurious alternative. Down Stuffer is suitable to give your 18" x 18" pillow a classic 'overstuffed' look.