Ocean Violet Seashell Wreath

$175.00 USD
Ocean Violet Seashell Wreath This is one of those times when the photo doesn’t come close to the real thing. You really need to see our Ocean Violet seashell wreath in person to truly appreciate how beautiful it is. Crafted in layers of seashells with varying tones of purples and reds, it’s a magnificent display that’s guaranteed to warm up your nautical home décor. A gorgeous combination of purple-fringed scallops, pearly-pink clamshells among others, this seashell wreath is accented by seldom-seen red strawberry shells. If you’re looking for truly special sea shell wall décor, you’ve found it! Like many of our other sea shell wreaths, the 15 ½” Ocean Violet wreath is built with a sturdy base and comes with required hanging accessories. Free Ground Shipping!
Usually ships in 2-3 weeks